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The online system provides access to account level information, transactions, and reports.  With 24 hour access, you can view information and transact on your own schedule. Simply click the link above to being using TexConnect Online.

TexConnect Online Reference Materials

        Step by step instructions for TexConnect Online.

        Instructions for adding vendors to your accounts and making vendor payments.

        Frequently asked questions on TexConnect's functionality.

        Directions on accessing your TexPool accounts on the go!

Available Features

Vendor Payment
Make payments to vendors online today or for a future date settling by wire or ACH using TexConnect Online to a pre-established vendor.

Visit the Statements tab to view copies of your monthly account statement electronically or generate a Summary Statement to view your monthly portfolio at a glance. Click on Custom Summary Statement to tailor the time frame of your statement data that works best for you!

Submit contact information updates to TexPool utilizing the Maintenance facility rather than completing and faxing a paper form.

Browser Security

Recommended Browsers
Click here for information on the browsers that are recommended for use with the TexConnect system.

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