New Participant Enrollment

Follow the steps below to establish a new relationship with TexPool:  

  1. Submit the Resolution Authorizing Participation in the TexPool Investment Pools and Designating Authorized Represenstatives form to the Governing Body for approval.
  2. Complete, sign, and date the Participation Agreement. The Participation Agreement contains a Certificate of Incumbency on page 4 that requires the signature of the Board Secretary, City Secretary, or County Clerk. A Notary Public signature is unacceptable.
  3. Please have the Resolution and Participation Agreement signed by your Board President, Mayor, or County Judge and attested by your Board Secretary, City Secretary, or County Clerk. The signature and seal of a Notary Public is unacceptable.
  4. Please complete a Bank Information Sheet for each account to be opened. If you are an existing TexPool participant and are enrolling in TexPool Prime, please complete a TexPool to TexPool Prime Account Setup Form.
  5. Please call Participant Services at 866-839-7665 with any questions you might have regarding the enrollment process. This includes questions such as which form do I use, who signs the form, and where do they sign. We suggest you fax the completed paperwork to TexPool for review prior to mailing. The enrollment process can be expedited by allowing a preliminary review to confirm that the forms have been completed correctly. If any modifications need to be made, we will contact you so that they can be completed before the paperwork is mailed. Our fax number is 866-839-3291.
  6. Send the appropriate Resolution, the Participation Agreement(s), Bank Information Sheet(s), or TexPool to TexPool Prime Account Set Up Form with original signatures along with a copy of your approved Investment Policy and a copy of the minutes or Resolution passed during the past year by the governing body documenting the review and approval of the investment policy to: 

           TexPool Participant Services
           C/O Federated Investors Inc
           1001 Texas Avenue, Suite 1400
           Houston, Texas  77002

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